The Gaumont Plaza will be bringing a wide choice of blockbuster movies and confectionery at affordable prices. Persons not wishing to participate or not declaring items at the pay-desk will be refused entry.

The Gaumont Plaza

The Gaumont Plaza, 96 Church St, Flint CH6 5AF, United Kingdom


  • Screens are open approx 20 minutes prior to the next Showing. Times stated for films on our home page are the main feature start times - Programme starts approx 15 minutes prior.
  • Sorry there are no baby changing facilities in our Cinema. You have to go home with the one you came with!
  • We work extremely hard to bring the latest releases at affordable prices to Flint, therefor we do-not allow outside products to be brought into our Cinema. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone bringing these into the screens.
  • Use of mobile phones & other electronic gadgets are forbidden in the auditorium. Please have them switched of or silent!
  • Entry to the Cinema is at the discretion of the Staff of the Gaumont Plaza, such decisions are final.

3D Free Zone
This Cinema shows films in 2d and has no current plans to change this. If god had wanted us to see 3D films he would have given us one red eye and one green eye!

Trailers and Film Information
We highly recommend IMDB (International Movie DataBase) for all trailers and other movie related information.